Libratone Zipp portátil Multi-Room Altavoz inalámbrico con WiFi + Bluetooth + AirPlay y 360 °

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  • Increíble sonido: Nuestra más grande y mejor sonido altavoz con firma de Libratone galardonada con el Premio de sonido que ofrece graves profundos, medios, agudos nítidos, completa 100 W. de potencia, y 360 ° FullRoom Acoustics.
  • Conectividad WiFi y Bluetooth: Utiliza WiFi para mayor alcance y calidad, o de Bluetooth para reproducir desde cualquier dispositivo de música de alta fidelidad. También compatible con Airplay (iOS), 2 (próximamente) Airplay, DLNA (Android) y Spotify Connect.
  • Par hasta 6.: crea envolvente SoundSpaces en una habitación o múltiples salas (o exterior). Añadir altavoces adicionales a tu sistema de audio en casa siempre que estés listo.
  • Realmente inalámbrico: 10 + horas de batería recargable: a diferencia de otros altavoces que requieren alimentación de CA: asa de transporte, fácil instalación, app intuitiva interfaz táctil, altavoz, y fácil de usar.
  • Transmite audio y vídeo de todas las aplicaciones de forma nativa: reproduce todos los aplicaciones directamente desde su dispositivo – no patentada aplicación necesaria como otros altavoces inalámbricos. Streaming de música de Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes y mucho más.
  • Amazon Alexa compatible: Par o conecta tu Amazon Dot, llave o echo a cualquier Zipp altavoz y al instante agregar Amazon Alexa control de voz.
  • Siempre cada vez más inteligente: Libratone está constantemente añadir nuevas características a tu Zipp altavoces a través de actualizaciones de Firmware gratuita disponible a través de la aplicación Libratone. Más rápido tiempo de arranque, modo de suspensión, Spotify preestablecido lista de reproducción y mucho más.

ZIPP MINI IS DESIGNED TO FILL YOUR HOME WITH GREAT SOUND � delivering mind-blowing 360� FullRoom sound no matter where in your home you take it (inside or out). Enjoy your music and audio content streamed to your ZIPP MINI wireless speaker using your home WiFi network, or directly from your device using Bluetooth. And if you think that one ZIPP MINI wireless speaker sounds great, just wait until you hear the immersive listening experience that two or more ZIPPs provide. You�ll especially love the enhanced integration with Spotify, and how ZIPP MINI streams everything�from all your favorite online sources�without interruption. The intuitive touch controls let you control everything directly from the ZIPP MINI speaker, or you can easily control and configure it all from the Libratone mobile App. So treat yourself to a bigger, bolder, better way of enjoying music, podcasts, movies, videos, e-books, Internet radio stations, and so much more�across all platforms and devices�with ZIPP MINI.

Bigger & Better Than Bluetooth Speakers

Size matters! Compared to popular Bluetooth speakers, ZIPP is much larger (2-4x the size) and packs much greater acoustic power (60 watts vs. only 10-12 watts). That�s why ZIPP sounds far better than any Bluetooth speaker you have heard � producing deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs that will fill any sized room (or backyard) with amazing sound. Connectivity matters too! In addition to Bluetooth, ZIPP allows you to stream using WiFi, AirPlay (iOS), DLNA (Android), and Spotify Connect. You can also pair up to 6 ZIPP�s together to create really cool, immersive listening experiences in one room or in multiple rooms (or outside). So ZIPP sounds amazing today and enables you to enjoy music for years to come.

More Flexible Than WiFi Speakers

ZIPP is redefining what a wireless home speaker should be in 3 ways. (1) You can stream to it however you want: WiFi (longest range and highest music quality), Bluetooth (stream from any device, anywhere), AirPlay (iOS), DLNA (Android), and Spotify Connect (play your Spotify music directly from ZIPP without needing your device). (2) Unlike other WiFi speakers that only play music services that are supported by their proprietary app, ZIPP streams all audio and video apps natively�if you can stream it ZIPP can play it. (3) ZIPP�s multi-speaker flexibility is unmatched due to its rechargeable battery, convenient carrying strap, and 360� sound. Unlike wireless bookshelf speakers designed to be placed in fixed rooms, ZIPP is designed to be moved wherever you want to enjoy your music and can easily be paired with other ZIPPs at any time. ZIPP is truly wireless (no AC cord) so paired or by itself you can move them with you when your party shifts from one room to another without losing a beat. Competitive products can�t do all that!

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Redefining | Wireless | Speakers

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Since our founding in Denmark in 2009, we�ve been on a mission to liberate sound and expand the home listening experience in this era of content streaming. As audio and video streaming has proliferated, people are listening to more music than ever before and in more locations around the home. Until now, consumers have had to choose between HiFi speakers that are large and boxy and designed to be in fixed locations, or Bluetooth speakers which are portable but have average sound quality. We believed there was a better way and this vision resulted in the introduction of ZIPP in October of 2015. Leveraging our Danish heritage of world-class acoustic engineering and Scandinavian design (known for looking modern and simple), ZIPP was created to provide amazing sound quality and the flexibility to enjoy music anywhere around your home, anytime. We remain committed to our mission today with sales in 31 countries and over 200 employees worldwide.

What makes your product special?

ZIPP has redefined what a wireless home speaker should have: amazing sound quality (enough power to fill a large sized room, and balanced sound with deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs), ability to hear the speaker from all directions so it can be located anywhere in the room (360� FullRoom sound), ability to pair multiple speakers together to create immersive sound experiences anytime and anywhere around the house, ability to easily move and play them wherever you want to enjoy music (carrying strap, and rechargeable battery), designed to look simple and modern with replaceable colored covers to match your changing tastes, ability to stream all audio and video apps natively (without a proprietary app), and definitely easy to use.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Receiving so many positive comments from happy consumers! We believe, �Great Music Makes Great Moments.� Great music can turn a bad day into a good day. It makes special moments even more special. It makes a fun gathering even more memorable. This requires a speaker that sounds amazing and is readily available. We wake up every day striving to help people make great moments with great music.

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