Minecraft Xbox 360 update 8 hopes to deliver 40 fixes this week

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft may soon be free of some of its worst bugs. Developer 4J Studios says that they’re wrapping up working on Title Update 8 for the open-world building game.

“Yes, almost done,” tweeted 4J when asked about the patch by fans. “We will hopefully be announcing the fix list next week – looking like around 40 fixes at the moment.”

4J is hoping to address a few frustrations with the game. For example, consoles currently freeze when someone is kicked from a session. Auto-save isn’t working when the host is away. Furthermore, guest players currently aren’t able to shoot arrows after their building privileges have been taken away. Hopefully all those issues will be stomped out permanently by this patch.

The developers are currently planning new skin packs for the game as well. They said in another tweet that Skin Pack 4 is currently in the works. 4J added that they might make a skin pack after that based on community requests. They didn’t completely commit to the idea, though.

The game’s future plans aren’t limited to skins, though. Title Update 9 will add The End, an dramatic end-game for players who want a more action-oriented experience. They haven’t specified a release date for that update yet.

Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 in May 2012. It comes with certain exclusive features such as redesigned crafting, tutorials, and split-screen multiplayer. However, it’s still lagging behind the PC in overall content. 4J is trying to catch up but that might be a perpetual struggle considering how much quicker and easier it is for Mojang to update the PC edition.

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